Customize your own Menu

Delivery and Pick up orders:  Deliver charge 10.00 Metro Detroit area.  20.00 over 60 mile round trip.

Large pans feeds between 35-40 people (you can have sauced or not sauced)
Smoked Pulled Pork Large pan 85.00 approx. cost.  $5.89lb
Smoked Pulled Pork Large 1/2 pan 43.00 approx. cost.  $5.89lb
Smoked Pulled Pork Small pan 25.00 approx. cost.  $5.89lb

Smoked Beef Brisket Starting weight 17lbs.
(Briskets are whole)
90.00 large pan

Shredded Chicken Large pan 65.00
Shredded Chicken Large 1/2 pan 35.00

Smoked St. Louis Ribs 16.00 slab 12-13 bones per slab
Smoked St. Louis Ribs Large pan of ribs 90.00

Baked Beans Large pan 35.00
Baked Beans Large 1/2 pan 25.00
Baked Beans Small pan 15.00

Cole Slaw Large pan 30.00
Cole Slaw Large 1/2 pan 15.00
Cole Slaw Small pan 10.00

Potato Salad Steakhouse Large pan 50.00
Potato Salad Steakhouse Large 1/2 pan 30.00
Potato Salad Steakhouse 1/2 pan 20.00

Potato Salad American - Mustard - Egg -  Large pan 35.00
Potato Salad American - Mustard - Egg -  Large 1/2 pan 25.00
Potato Salad American - Mustard - Egg - Small pan 20.00

50 person Minimum Monday - Friday and Sunday 
75 person Minimum Saturdays 
If customer supplies plasticware and plates deduct 1.00 per person

Catered Meals you have a choice of the following items.  Most meals fall in the14.00 per person range this includes 4 meats, two salads, baked beans, and one vegetable.  Kids under 14 are 7.00. All parties are different and you can choose any item or request an item of choice to customize your menu. Theme parties and ethnic bar-b-ques add a unique dining experience for you and your guests. Desserts are extra and a full range of desserts can be provided from brownies and cookies to elaborate cakes.  Halal and Kosher foods provided upon request.

Potato Salads ( American- Mustard Based - *Steakhouse - egg - Other)
Cole Slaw ( Vinegar Base - Cream - Pineapple - Apple - Other)
Cesar Salad
Garden Salad 
*Broccoli Salad
*Orzo Salad
*Pasta Salad 
**Greek Salad

Hot Dogs
King-Q provides all beef hot dogs (mustard, relish, ketschup ) Saurkraut if requested
* Coney Island
*Chicago Dogs

1/4lb all beef (mustard, relish, ketschup, cheese ) 
1/4lb 80/20 GFS (mustard, relish, ketschup, cheese)  

Shredded - 8 pc - Breasts - Leg - Thigh - 
Shish Kabob 

Steaks (Market Value)
Fillet Mignon - Delmonico - Rib Eye - T-Bone - Porterhouse - N.Y. Strip

Ribs - Leg - Whole

Pulled - Tenderloin - Ribs - Hams - Whole

Pig Roasts (Call)

Polish with Kraut- Italian with Onion and Peppers - Beer Bratwurst - Knockwurst with Kraut- 

Fish and Seafood
Market Price
Salmon - Shrimp - Lobster - King Crab Legs - Crayfish - Scallops - Tilapia - other

Wild Game and Exotic Animals
Market Price
Buffalo - Elk - Venison - Ostrich -  

Corn on the cob - Mixed - Other 

Relish and Cheese Trays

Brownies - Assorted Cookies - Cakes - Pies - Strawberry Short Cake -  Other

If you don't see what you would like make a request anything and everything is possible.


Ethnic Bar-B-Que ideas.

Mexican Buffet.
Beef and Chicken Tacos - Beef Enchiladas - Burritos - Tostadas - Fijatas - Tamales - Rice - Beans - Fresh Fruits - variety of salsa - Guacamole -  Peppers - 
Make your own with a variety of toppings: Cheese - Sour Cream - Olives - Lettuce - Tomatoes - 
Ground Beef - Shredded Chicken - Smoked Pulled Pork - Brisket -  Condiments - Plasticware - Plates 
Starting at 14.00 per person

Mediterranean Buffet.
12 item Greek Salad - Chicken Shish Kabobs -  Spinach Pies - Stuffed Grape Leaves - Rice with Almonds - Hummus -
Bak-la-va or Individual Cakes - Condiments - Plasticware - Plates
14.00 per person

Knockwurst and Bratwurst with onions - Pork Chops - Apple Sauce - Relish and Assorted Cheese Tray - German Potato Salad - Cucumber Salad - Sweet Red Cabbage - Apple / Cherry Struedel  - Black Forest Cake  - Condiments - Plasticware - Plates
14.00 per person

Graduation Party
Hot Dogs - Hamburgers - Choice of  Sausage - Chicken Shish Kabob -  Beans - Potato Salad - Cole Slaw
Condiments - Plasticware - Plates
13.00 per person


Chicken and Ribs (3 Pc Chicken 4 Ribs)
8 pc Chicken -  Smoked St. Louis Ribs - Corn on the Cob - Baked Beans -  Steakhouse Potato Salad - Cole Slaw - 
Condiments - Plasticware - Plates 
14.00 per person

Vegetarian Bar-B-Que
Grilled Mixed Vegetables - Eggplant - Zucchini - Yellow Squash - Spinach Pies - Orzo Salad - Vegetarian Grape Leaves - Hummus with Pita - Grapes - In Season Fresh Fruits -  Condiments - Plasticware - Plates 
12.00 per person 

Basic Bar-B-Que 
Hot Dogs - Hamburgers - Assorted Chips - Bottled Water
Condiments - Plasticware - Plates  
5.00 per person  

Summer Picnic
Hot Dogs - Hamburgers - Pulled Pork - Chicken Shish Kabob - Baked Beans - Potato Salad - Cole Slaw - 
Condiments - Plasticware - Plates 
14.00 per person

Graduation Party
Michigan salad / Pasta Salad-Hot dogs- Burgers- Italian sausage- Chicken shish ka bobs- Salmon on cedar planks
No Set ups- $15.00 per person - $8.00 per person 10 – 17

Graduation Party
Potato salad- Cole slaw- Garden salad- Hot dogs- Burgers- Italian sausage- Chicken shish kabob- Beans with bacon
No Set ups $14.00 per person $7.00 per person 10 – 17

Graduation  100+ (People)
 Hot dogs-Hamburgers / Cheese- Chicken Breasts- Assorted Chips- Baked beans- Potato salad- Plates, Plasticware, Napkins, Condiments included- $9.00 per person   over 100 people $8.00 per person

Graduation Party
Corn on the cob-Burgers- Hot dogs- Pulled pork- Beef brisket- Ribs- Shredded chicken with pineapple- Chicken shish kabob- Italian sausage- Baked beans- No Set ups Condiments included- 14.00 per person- $7.00 per person 10 - 17

Pulled Pork- Chicken shish kabob- Burgers- Hotdogs- Beans-No set ups, Condiments included- $12.00 per person

Pulled pork- Ribs- 8 pc chicken- Beans- No set ups, Condiments included- $11.00 per person


These are just some samples of what is possible for your Bar-B-Que. Every job is different and every person can customize their own party.

If you can Find it on a Farm, in the Water, or it makes a Nest....I will Bar-B-Que it!

King-Q cooks with charcoal which gives real Bar-B-Que flavor!
King-Q Smokes with Cherry, Apple, Pear, and Pecan woods only.
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